Every year I look forward to Easter, longer days, warmer weather (fingers crossed), plenty of chocolate and a few days off… What’s not to like?

If your kids are anything like mine, when Easter comes they’ll find themselves with a huge pile of chocolate eggs to munch through. Of course they hardly complain about it, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing – believe me I know from experience! If you’re looking for some alternative Easter gifts for kids, we’ve put together a list of chocolate and non-chocolate gifts that are sure to make Easter a little more interesting!

Unusual chocolates

While Easter just wouldn’t be the the same without chocolate, sometimes it is nice to give kids something that will really stand out rather than yet another Easter egg.

Chocolate board games

These clever chocolate board games bring a tasty twist to classic games. You can choose from a chocolate chess set, draughts, chocolate battleships and a chocolate Jenga style stacking game. Each game includes a basic cardboard playing board and chocolates pieces – simply eat your opponent’s pieces each time you win one! The games also have reusable plastic moulds, so you can melt chocolate and make your own pieces and play again! Yum – board games have never been so attractive!

Novelty chocolates

You could also try and tickle their curiosity with interesting novelty chocolates. Kids of all ages will love  Gruesome chocolates –  give them a fright with some chocolate spiders, chocolate worms or chocolate maggots. They will overcome any phobias quickly and tuck in happily!

Pizza lovers might be happy to trade their favourite takeaway for a Chocolate Pizza – Unusual, fun and tasty… it comes in a stylish pizza box too!

If you’re buying a gift for a technology whiz a Chocolate tablet or chocolate smart phone – might just be the thing. They might even take their eyes off their screens while they’re eating it!

Non chocolate Easter gifts

Easter crafts

Kids are off school for Easter of course and it can be hard to keep everyone entertained. Easter craft sets, colouring kits and egg decorating sets / egg dying kits and ideal to keep them busy and a perfect non chocolate Easter gift for kids.

Board games

You could also treat the kids to a board game?  There are a range of games for all ages which will keep children away from the TV and entertained on rainy days.  Board games are also a fun activity for all the family to share.

Outdoor games

If the sun is shining new outdoor games will be popular, frisbees, cricket sets and ball games will get everyone outside burning off calories from the excess chocolate!


A shopping trip for a new summer outfit will also keep their mind off chocolate! Most stores have their spring and summer collections on the shelves at this time of year so it’s the perfect opportunity to re-stock the kids’ wardrobe for summer and replace all those T-shirts and shorts they’ve mysteriously outgrown over the winter months.

Cuddly toys

Cuddly bunnies and other Easter soft toys are also cute popular gifts for small children. They are not just perfect to snuggle up with at bed time but they also encourage role play and will provide hours of fun all year around.

Baking kits

Most young children love baking and will be delighted to show off and share the results of their labour. Why not give them a set of baking goodies? You can put your own set together and buy a kid’s baking book with easy recipes – or just print out one of your favourite recipes and buy all the ingredients.

The kids will also be able to use up some of their surplus eggs in the recipes. Easter eggs can be melted to be used in the recipes or as icing, or broken up and used instead of chocolate chips. Check out our Mini Eggs Cookies Recipe for inspiration.


If you can’t deliver your Easter gifts in person, why not send them an Easter balloon? It will make a fun alternative to greetings cards and will help decorate the house for Easter.


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