Stocking fillers for kids aged 0 to 99

If you’re looking for Christmas stocking fillers or small Christmas gifts for friends and relatives, it’s not always easy to find a reasonably priced gift that they’ll enjoy too. While I don’t do a physical stocking  for the kids, I like them to have lots of little gift to open. After all part of the excitement is to have a mountain of  packets to open on Christmas Day.

I try to have a range of classic budget gifts that are either useful or that will tickle their interest / make them smile. Traditionally I have included any or all of the following : – pyjamas, underwear, socks, books, chocolates, small teddies, hair accessories and pens or stationery.

Just because stocking fillers are supposed to be low priced gifts, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be nice. Speaking to our customers I realised that they are more creative than me and use our gifts as stocking fillers. Here are a few stocking fillers ideas for kids and adults of all ages. You can please the recipient while being kind to your bank balance too 😉

Fun Christmas gifts for £10 or less

1 – Heatable cuddly toys – These clever teddies and soft toys can be heated in a couple of minutes in the microwave. Their warmth makes them ideal to snuggle up to while in bed or relaxing on chilly nights. Adults might like to use these to smooth aches and pains. Prices start at £7.99.

2 – Small Plush Toys  My Blue Nose Friends – Priced between £5.00 and £7.00 this range of collectable cuddly toys by Me to You will make fun small gifts for kids. They are also ideal if you want to buy low price gifts for a large group of children. Ty Beanie Boos – A range of colourful plush animals and key rings – prices start at £2.99 (keyring) and £4.99 plush toys. Keel Toys Pippins – super cute realistic plush animals £5.00.

3 – Gruesome chocolates –  forget traditional Christmas chocolates and give them a fright with some chocolate spiders or chocolate worms. They will overcome any phobias quickly and tuck in happily!

4 – The Snowman soft toys – everyone loves Raymond Briggs’ haunting tale. Why not give them their own cuddly snowman to snuggle up to. Guaranteed not to melt!

5 – Chocolate tablets and chocolate smart phones – Your kids or spouse want the latest gadgets? If you can’t stretch to an iPhone or iPad, you could slip these chocolate versions in their stocking. Much, much cheaper – and way tastier too!

6 – Mugs – Make their favourite hot drink even more enjoyable with a fun message mug. We stock mugs that feature a variety of messages from funny to affectionate. Our range also include Mum, Dad, Husband, Uncle, Auntie other mugs for specific recipients.

7 – Chocolate Pizzas – Unusual, fun and tasty… almost every one loves pizzas and almost every one loves chocolate, so it’s sure to be a winning combination!

8 – Plush screen cleaners – most people own a phone, tablet, laptop or other device with an LCD screen. Our plush animals screen cleaners  will be just great to clean all those annoying finger marks. Bright and cuddly, they have a special chamois tummy to help keep screens sparkly. And they will look good on their desk too!

9 – Chocolate board games – While board games are a classic Christmas Stocking filler – chocolate board games bring an interesting twist to traditional games. They include a Chocolate Chess Set, Chocolate Draughts, Chocolate Stacks (Jenga) and Chocolate Battleships – all games are supplied with re-usable moulds so you can make more pieces and play again, yum!

And one stocking fillers idea over £10…

10 – Novelty animal slippers – even feet can have fun. It’s Christmas after all, isn’t it? Help friends and relatives keep cosy in style with their very own novelty plush slippers.