“I can’t wait for September… It’ll be my 18th birthday! I am so excited!” when Tatty Teddy broke the news, I looked up and raised my eyebrows.

18? Tatty Teddy can’t be 18? All he asks for is cuddles – big cuddles, little cuddles, medium size cuddles… Not the behaviour expected of a grown up bear.

A Google search later, I confirmed his claim. The Me to You plush teddy bears only came out in 2000, but the first Tatty Teddy greeting cards launched in 1995. My favourite grey bear will be 18 in September!

This milestone birthday calls for a special celebration. To mark the occasion,  Me to You has announced the launch of a new Tatty Teddy plush bear with softer fur and a slightly different shape. This updated model is said to be even more irresistibly huggable than before (told you this bear was keen on cuddles).

Carte Blanche, the makers of Tatty Teddy, will also be release an anniversary boxed set, including the original brown bear, a story card telling Tatty Teddy’s story and the up-to-date grey bear. Sneak peak above!

Celebrate good times

Stephen Haines, the founder of Carte Blanche, claims: “Ever since Me to You launched 18 years ago, the consumer has been at the forefront of everything we do. Me to You has evolved over time but at the heart of it all, Tatty Teddy carries a timeless message of love and friendship. We’re delighted to unveil the latest evolution of our classic bear and I believe he has never been cuter, engendering both heritage and a relevancy to today’s consumer.”

A bear with royal connections

Earlier this year, Tatty Teddy was passed on by a well-wisher to Prince Harry who promised to give the bear to his royal nephew, Prince George. Tatty Teddy was later pictured getting out of an helicopter and strolling across  Kensington Palace’s lawn with Prince Harry…

Let’s just hope that our favourite little bear has now settled in the Royal household. Stephen Haines hinted the bear might join other “royal” Tatty Teddies: “I’m delighted that Prince Harry accepted this gift and hope the Royal couple will appreciate Tatty Teddy’s message of love and friendship. We wish them all the very best in the exciting months and years to come. In fact it’s not the first time Tatty Teddy has had an encounter with our Royal family. Some years ago a fan gave a Me to You bear to the Queen!”.

September 2013 will be exciting for Tatty Teddy and we at Big Fat Balloons cannot wait to hug the new-look bear. From abandoned bear to teddy with Royal connections… We couldn’t wish for a more heart warming fairy tale story, could we?