Whether you are in the construction industry, agricultural industry, events industry – or even just an avid heavy machinery fan! – you’ll realise how vital a loading ramp is to help you shift heavy loads about. There is a lot to consider when looking into investing in a loading ramp, with the primary concern being whether it is a portable or a permanent fixture, and whether it should be a steel or aluminium make.

Ease of portability through its design is a quality that many consumers find attractive in the ever expanding world of convenience, so we’re going to focus on reviewing aluminium ramps.  Let’s take a look at what features you should expect to see from one of the best aluminium loading ramps on the market, and why it beats other methods of load bearing.

It Is Lightweight

Aluminium is fast becoming a staple material in our lives, being used in many day to day objects. And no surprise, when you see its extensive list of positive attributes. Its winning property is that it is lightweight. That’s why it is the perfect material for manufacturing a loading ramp, as it can easily be transported from location to location. Portable is better!

It Is Versatile

image from jacksta-energy

An aluminium ramp is highly adaptable. For example, it can be used in extreme climates, unlike steel. This means that it is impermeable and has a lower rate of oxidisation, thus less of the unsightly rust. Depending on the design structure, the height and width can be adjusted and its length extended to accommodate the size and weight of the load being moved. Some models can even be folded or taken apart for easy and minimal space storage.

It Is Dependable and Efficient

An aluminium loading ramp is fast and fuss free. It is strong and durable. In comparison, a forklift or normal loading bay requires extra time and additional labour. There is no need to build a concrete docking bay, which is seen as a more permanent solution – only really to be used in long term projects or industries. It is especially useful on small sites, where mobility and space are limited. 

Want Not, Waste Not

The beauty of an aluminium loading ramp is that once you have eventually finished using it, you can feel guilt-free when disposing of it! If you have any inclination towards our environment, you will be pleased to hear that aluminium is 100% recyclable.

There Are Models to Fit All Occasions

When looking for one of the best aluminium loading ramps, you’d expect it to cover all bases. If you are a gardener looking to move your lawn mower, or your ATV has broken down, there will be a ramp that can help you load your machine on and off a vehicle with ease. If your vehicle has pneumatic tyres, there is a specific ramp for that too. And if your equipment needs a bit of extra help due to its weight, then there are even options with tracks.

A clear and concise list that shows off the variety of designs and their purposes can be found on online.